How to fix the cooling fan relay problem?

When you are working with air conditioning, you must have faced the problem of not getting cool air from the air conditioner. The most common reason behind this is the faulty cooling fan relay.

The fans are very important because they cool the air in the room. Without fans, the air will be warm and you will feel hot.

A faulty fan relay is not a common problem, but if you are facing this problem then there are some methods that you can try to fix the relay. Here I have mentioned some of them:

Try to replace the fan

If you have a faulty fan relay, then you must change the fan first. If you don’t have a spare fan, then you need to buy a new one.

Check the battery of the fan

If you are using a fan with a battery, then it is necessary that you check whether the battery is working or not. It is possible that your fan has not got charged properly. You can charge it using a charger or you can replace the battery with a new one.

Replace the fan motor

If the fan motor has failed, then you need to replace it. You can take the fan to any repair shop and get it repaired.

Replacing the fan is a time-consuming process, but if you have a spare fan, then you can use it to save money.

These were some of the methods that you can use to fix the fan relay problem. If you have followed these methods then you will get a good result. If you have any queries, then you can ask them in the comments section.

How to Repair a Fan Relay

Most of us might have heard about a fan relay but we don’t know what exactly it is. So, let me tell you what is a fan relay and when you should repair it.

The fan relay is basically an electrical component that is used to switch on and off the fans. It is a tiny device that is made up of two wires, one of which is connected to the motor and the other to the switch.

Why you should repair a fan relay?

If your fan does not work properly then there are chances that it may break down in the future. So, you need to check if it is working properly or not. If you find any problem then you should immediately repair it as it will prevent further problems.

How to fix a fan relay?

Fixing a fan relay is quite easy. All you have to do is to follow the following steps.

• Remove the fan cover

• Take the fan relay out

• Check whether the fan is on or off

• Replace the fan relay

• Cover the fan again

So, this was all about “How to Repair a Fan Relay”. I hope this information will be very helpful to you.

How to Know When You Should Repair a Fan Relay

One of the most common problems faced by people is when the fan in their house stops working. When you are using a fan in your room, you need to switch the power supply on and off to adjust the speed of the fan. If you are not doing this then you need to replace the fan.

Here is a list of various issues that you might face when the fan fails.

1) Dust and debris

You need to clean the fan blades regularly to avoid any obstruction. If you notice that the blades are covered with dust then you need to clean them.

2) Dirty contacts

The fans are very sensitive devices and when they are not cleaned properly then they won’t work properly. So, if the fan does not turn on then you need to check whether the contacts are dirty or not.

3) Power supply failure

If you notice that the power supply is not working then you need to change it. The fan is powered by the battery, so if the battery is not working then you need to replace it.

4) Electrical wiring

The fan requires high voltage to run properly. If you see that the wires are damaged then you need to replace the entire fan.

5) Broken fan motor

If the fan is not turning and it is making a loud noise then you need to replace the fan motor.

6) Fan belt

The fan is connected to the engine, and if the belt is broken then you need to replace the belt.

7) Fan belt tensioner

If the belt is too loose then it will vibrate and make a sound. If you don’t tighten it then the fan won’t work.

8) Fan housing

If you see that the fan is not turning and it is not working, then you need to replace the entire housing.

All of the above mentioned problems can be fixed easily. You just need to check whether the fan is working or not. If it is not then you need to replace the fan.  

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