How to Install Cooling Fan on Pc

One of the most common problems when installing PCs is having a lot of heat. It can affect the performance and lifespan of many components inside your machine and therefore reduce its efficiency.

When a computer has a high temperature, you might find yourself spending a large amount of time waiting for programs to load. The other issue with a high CPU is that your device will use more power which means there will be less energy left over to run your hard disk.

If you are still unsure whether a particular model of PC is suitable for you, you can always contact an expert who will be able to advise you based on your needs and budget.

Another thing you can do if you want to keep a computer running efficiently is to use fans. Fans can help prevent overheating because they circulate air throughout the case to maintain cool temperatures.

The ideal place for placing a fan on your desktop would be near where the processor resides. When you’re not using your system, plug your motherboard into your wall socket and turn off the power supply.

How to Install Cooling Fan on Pc (Step-by-Step)

1. Remove the cover of your computer: First, remove your computer’s case. Next, take off its screws and open up your laptop or desktop.

2. Remove your hard drive: With your laptop, gently lift out your hard drive by sliding your hand underneath. Use a screwdriver to pry out the hard drive from your laptop if necessary.  If your computer has an external hard drive, unplug it first to avoid damaging it.

3. Get ready for installation: Find your motherboard manual. This will tell you exactly where you need to place each part in order to get your system back together again.

4. Install your new fans: After installing all of your parts, reinstall your original fans. Make sure that they are connected properly and can turn freely so you won’t damage them when your computer is turned on.

Tip: If you want to use a different brand of the fan, you’ll need to make adjustments. For example, you may need to move the holes. Don’t force it. Let your fans cool down for at least one day before putting your computer to work. That way you can make sure your new fans are working correctly.

5. Test your computer’s performance: Turn on your PC with the power button. Press the F1, F2, etc. keys to access your BIOS menu. Your computer’s settings should automatically load after this step.

6. Restart your computer: To restart your computer, press the power switch once. Keep pressing the power switch until your computer turns on.  Your keyboard, mouse, and monitor lights should illuminate as well.

7. Start using your new computer: Once your computer boots up, start your applications. If everything works fine, then you’re done!

Is a cooling fan good for PC?

Fans are the best invention that human beings have made. They are basically used to cool down electronic devices. Cooling fans are very important because they help to increase the performance of the device.

What are the main advantages of using a cooling fan?

It is said that cooling fans increase the efficiency of electronic devices. There is no doubt that fans are used to cool down electronic devices, but there are many other factors that can affect the performance of the device.

Let us check the common problems that might occur when the computer is running without a cooling fan.


Noise is a common problem of PC users and the reason behind the noise is the high temperature of the CPU. When the heat is high, then the fan speed increases and this causes the fan to make a lot of noise. If the fan is not working properly then the heat can be increased.


If the fan is not working properly then the heat can be increased. If the fan is not working properly then the heat can be increased.


The dust can be accumulated in the fan if it is not working properly. If the fan is not working properly then dust can be accumulated in the fan.

So, in the end, it can be said that fans are very useful. They can help to increase the performance of the device and can also be used to cool down the device. But, if the fan is not working properly then the above-mentioned problems can be faced by the users.

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